Motivation is the key to living a joyful life, full of enthusiasm and happiness. When you have an organ transplant, though, feelings of fear, negativity, and weakness are common. That’s why you need to stay motivated and start creating positive thoughts. After all, what you think is what you feel. Here are 3 motivational tips to stay motivated when you have a transplant:

Be social

It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do or how you feel, you can always be surrounded by amazing and great people. Staying at home alone or being isolated doesn’t help you. Humans are social beings and, especially if you have an organ transplant, you should spend time thinking about how to improve your social life. There are plenty of opportunities from being part of a community center. You could take up a sport, join a transplant organization, or simply volunteer. Being social makes you feel good and productive even if you have had a transplant. Remember that you are still you, and you can be great if you purpose yourself.

Be physically and mentally active

As the Latin phrase goes, “Mens sana in corpores Sano” – a healthy mind in a healthy body. Physical activity and brain training are really helpful for people with a transplant. Following the advice of professionals can help you safely enjoy staying active. The main stumbling block is often when we tell ourselves “I can’t do anything because I have a transplant and I need to be careful”. Of course, you need to exercise within the parameters of your health. But this doesn’t mean you need to remain still. Instead, tell yourself that you have already overcome great hurdles and that you are much stronger than you think.

Stay positive

There are two choices in life: optimism and pessimism. It is a choice that can dramatically impact your life. Research at the University of Pennsylvania even suggests that people who describe themselves as pessimists tend on average to be much less healthy than those considered optimists. If you have a transplant, you should start by considering that you alone have the power to change your mentality. Most negative thoughts are just that — thoughts, not facts. It is amazing how you can look at the bright side and identify positive things in your life, regardless of whether you have a chronic illness, a transplant, or any other disability. We can all of us find something positive in our lives. If you identify them, you will soon feel much better for it.


David Rodríguez,

Responsable de Traïnsplant en Reino Unido

Graduado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte






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